This 5 Year Old Leafeon spent 2 years of his life with his mother in Aroma Forest; he failed his Toilet training; he tried hard & failed every single time, but, he’s still a proud Leafeon. He’s married to Kaleidoscope. He was born 5 years before Messy was & is still somewhat embarrassed about wearing diapers, but, takes happiness to block out the sadness from when he failed to potty train. His Wife, Kaleidoscope has another idea to help him. Soon he'll transfer from his plain white diapers he's always worn, to his wife's colorful diapers. William is closest to Mizuki, Kaleidoscope, Stella & Messy. He's close to his Dada Freeze (DeepFreeze), but, not as much as his Mother.

William's Wife, Kaleidoscope, has decided to give "new" diapers to Will. Low and behold his brand-spanking new diapers in all their pink & polka dot glory. He's adorably embarrassed.

He's involved with the LuxrayTale AU as the Sans of LuxrayTale. He's also the first of the LuxrayTale Characters to get a LuxraySwap appearance as of this point in time.

Art by ElementArraEevee518
LuxrayShift King William Freeze

Shift Art by LuxrayBlast

Luxraytale William

LuxrayTale Art by LuxrayBlast

LuxraySwap William

LuxraySwap Art by TehShinySylveon

Ink William

LuxrayPaint Art by LuxrayBlast

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