Tinsle is the adopted daughter to Suizuki & LuxrayBlast. She is blood related to Mitsuo & Aithra, same as Kaleidoscope, She is a baby, but, younger than Kaleidoscope. She isn't Blood related to Mizuki, Ronin or Cousin, Kailyn Coullard, due to being born to Aithra Kageyuki & Mitsuo Kageyuki. Suizuki adopted Tinsle & Kaleidoscope as Daughters. Later, LuxrayBlast became her & Kaleidoscope's Adopted Father.

She is also married to Messy & has two little ones: Lunarous "Lunar" Moonlight Freeze & Emiliano "Emile" Sunlight Freeze.

In LuxrayTale, she is the Restaurant owner of Tinsle's, the LuxrayTale version of Grillby's.

Accessories include:

Diapers, Ribbon, Paci Necklace, Baby Boots & a Flower on her head.