My only choice is... TO END THIS MADNESS MYSELF.

–Tekton before battle

Tekton is the result of Destroyer's filthy ways and Create being transgender.


Tekton looks physically similar to any other Sans. He has a blood red diamond for his left eye and a light pink teardrop for his right. He wears a black and red striped T-shirt, a denim jacket, jeans and black boots. When angered, his pupils disappear. When using his powers, they both flame their respective colors. He is 5" 2 feet tall.


Despite his sweet demeanor, he can get violent, erratic and irrepressible. He does not yet understand why he's an entity, and can be a jerk to those he doesn't trust. Similar to PJ, he swears just because he can.

Despite all this, he is incredibly shy around certain people, namely PJ. He can forget easily, but, he has a lot of knowledge about SAVEs, RESETs, Timelines and even the different Realms.


  • Similar to his "mother", he can summon Gaster Blasters, these Gaster Blasters are frost blue and have red pupils. He can also turns souls any color he chooses. He can create people and destroy them, and is more powerful than Destroyer or Create.


  • His knowledge makes him think less in the Real World, which could be a disadvantage in battle.
  • He is also nearsighted, and will temporarily go blind, his blindness makes his eyes cloudier.
  • Also, his erratic behavior could make him hurt a loved one, making him incredibly emotional.


  • His name was initially going to be "Dodge" and then changed to "Jasper", then you jerks made fun of him.
  • He is similar to Error, going blind, and being great at offense.