Speckle is the "child" of Swapfell Sans and Dreamtale Sans.



He is very shy. If someone comes near him, he'll swing at them until they go away, unless he knows them well. He never properly learned true love. He's antisocial, as he spent 13 years of his life alone. He has an addiction to the UnderNet. If he is insulted thoroughly, he is rude, arrogant, violent and merciless. All of his skills are self-taught.


He has white bones, no hair and sharp teeth, one of which is missing. His left pupil is a red star and his right is a yellow circle. His left hand is deformed, like it was smashed.

He wears a yellow long sleeve shirt which is underneath a black poncho, light blue knee length leggings which are rimmed with red and red boots. On his smashed hand, he wears cream coloured bandages, and on his other hand, he wears a red fingerless glove.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit






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