Skye is a OC made by Chocowish.

She will soon star in Judgetale, an AU by ChristmasFrisk and Chcocwish.

Visit Skye/Judgetale for information on Skye in Judgetale.

Profile Edit

Skye has been known for listening to heavy metal in class. She was expelled from school at the same time Frisk has compleated a neutral route. Skye Climed Mtt. Ebbot because she thought that the underground was way better than the normal world.

Skye has brown hair, and emerald green eyes. She wears a purple zipped-up Hoodie, and black jeggings. She wears Brown-ish boots. In the genocide route, she wears Sans's Hoodie and Papyrus's Scarf. You fight her ONLY on the Geno run after you kill everyone, even sans.

Quotes Edit

"Hey there, <Name>. Heh, Crazy that I know you name, right? Anyways, I'm Skye. Nice to meet ya."


"Y-You killed my loved ones.. Your gonna PAY, DIRTY KILLER!"

-Before battle



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