Showcard Gothic is the offspring of the minor AskGus and Underswap Papyrus ship.

Appearance Edit

Showcard has red flashing eyes and is constantly sweating, an aspect very similar to Underfell Sans. Not only this, but he is always blushing due to hear and has a golden tooth. He wears a plain black tie along a white shirt, over this white shirt, he has a crimson waistcoat with small white stripes. He has the exact same type trousers along with black shoes that increase his size. Finally, he has a crimson fedora with a maroon stripe going around it.

Personality Edit

Showcard is arrogant often boasting about any remote sort of achievement from getting a spelling correct to winning Undertale's Got Talent. He is often extremely mean insulting anyone that will come his way or if they're just being a flat-out idiot. He has been known to get extremely violent for unnecessary purposes like if someone corrects him on his grammar error(s). Despite all of this, he's lazy, so much that he's been known to slack off protecting AUs; this has cost him to get his favorite AU destroyed with a differ of timeline rules.

Backstory Edit

Showcard was a casino owner, he held a lot of dough ( it would be 10,000,000 tons of cookie dough if it was converted into actual cookie dough ), he lived an enjoyable life watching 'suckers' pay a heck lot of money without actually winning anything at all. Due to lack of opinion, Bill destroyed the casino resulting in Showcard's reputation to be completely ruined. Soon, he lived life on the streets of Underswap, his favorite AU, where he'd play his saxophone in Sunnedout. However, citizens of Underswap, except Sans and Papyrus, started to get fed up of his company and began to say insulting things we don't need to bother about right now. There was only one other person he new, Bill!Sans. Moments later, he arrived at Bill's universal hotel which he owned and lived in. Asking for a room, Bill flat out declined the offer and told him to go to the back of the very long universal line ( we're talking all the way into Agonyfell 'ere ). At the end of Showcard's multiversal journey, he asked Bill to be a roommate... hesitation entered the room. Bill thought carefully, so hard that Cliche!Sans had to start the cliche of his head throbbing in thought. Finally, he had come to a decision: yes. Soon, Bill assigned him to be a destroyer. Dizzy-headed, Showcard accepted ( wait, by dizzy-'eaded, I mean he was insanely drunk ). It was his day on the 'job', Bill and Showcard were killing some crap in Spinofffell when Showcard realized what he was doing, getting horrible, bitter revenge. It was then, he'd have to become a protector... ( secretly, of course, he can't tell Bill, he'll be dead where 'e stands! )

Dialouge Edit

  • " hey, bitch, look at me when i'm frickin' talkin' to you! "
  • " * does the creepy puppet in the hand trick * oh my frickin' god, your reaction! Your f------ reaction! "
  • " oh goodness, anyways, your a human, right-e-ous-e-mungos?
  • " welp, 'guess that's- * is interrupted by Frisk shouting seen it done that * "
  • " huh, i'm showcard, capiche? "
  • " I gotta warn ya, B U D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D Y, you're not gonna wanna be rude to this pal! "
  • " so... I guess this is the part where my annoying sister comes in... but who am I kidding, I don't have a frickin' sister. "
  • " welp, I guess I * coughs * the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious showcard will have to be her "
  • " * coughs louder * SHOWCARD, HAVE YOU FINALLY CAPTURED A 'HUMAN'!? "
  • " * showcard going back to himself * yup, he's all 'ere "
  • " * showcard being his fake sister * OH, WONDERFUL! IT'S ALL SORTED "
  • " welp, that was fun... "
  • " hey, before you go, don't bother my 'sister', she's always at two places in one time, it's slightly confusing but... y'know... you'll get the hang of it "
  • " WHOA! never seen a 'guy' with seven hundred fifty thousand and three million eight hundred and seventy two thousand nine hundred and eighty four jobs before? "
  • " well... who hasn't? "
  • " anyway, i'm still on break, it's time to go all courtney, me old china plate "
  • " 'ere, i've gotta 'ortcut, y'ere? a 'ortcut to where? 'ell it's 'o Gothic's, matey... i'll stop with the courtney now "
  • " * clicks heals twice * 'here's no place like Gothic's, 'here's no place like Gothic's, y'know what i'm sayin'? "
  • " 'ere we are, at your own personal purgatory... IT'S YOUR DEATH, MATEY! "
  • " nah, i'm just messin' with ya... but... ya could die 'ere if ya want to "
  • " 'ey, why couldn't the skeleton go the the prom? "
  • " * hesitation to answer * nah, mate, 'cause 'e was ugly, fat, 'n' nobody liked him! "
  • " * holds up poster * it's from If Undertale was Realistic, timelines says it really! "
  • " 'EY! GOTH, gimme some tequila and... what would you like kid? * waits for answer * my pal will have two number 9's a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's one with cheese, and a large soda! "
  • " oh, god, i'm 3 hours late, me sisters comin' now! well done "
  • " * Showcard becoming his sister * SHOWCARD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING! "
  • " * being himself * I, the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious showcard, went to Gothic's for a tequila and an extremely long order "
  • " * being his 'sister' again * YOU BETTER BE QUICK OR I'M TAKING AWAY YOUR CAR!
  • " * being himself * not the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious superior super-speeded psychopathic showcard speeder!
  • " * being his 'sister' once more * YES THE... CAR! "
  • " * being himself * alright, alright, i'll have to go now, kiddo, i'll be back, capiche? "

Trivia Edit

  • Showcard is based off of Mike from the recent movie Sing

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