I know that you're strong, but i'm stronger!


Sera404 is the child of Infected and Error404, She was made into a female by her parents who wanted their next inheritance to be a Queen of The Multiverse.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Sera404 Has a one transparent eye and one eye that is completely similar to her father's eye (Error404). She has sharp teeth and has two blue lines going across her cheeks.She wears a Very dark blue robe and also wears a necklace that is connected to her father's soul (Error404). She has one white foot and one black one.

Personality Edit

Sera404 is a very independent person, who only relay's on her own wits. She has a burning passion to destroy all AUs. She acts more like her Father (Error404) instead of her other Father(Infected), but when she acts creepy she will act like him.

Abilities Edit

Timeline Jump Edit

She can go and travel to other AUs and timelines with just her mind, she doesn't even need to use her magic.

Devastation Mode Edit

This transformation turns Sera into a completely black silhouette and she then commences to blow herself up 2 - 5 times in a row until she either runs out of magic or stamina.

Backstory Edit

During a confrontation Error404 and Infected reached an understanding, but when they were confronted with a problem of ''what would happen when they died'' They decided to leave behind a legacy. That was when they decided to make Sera404,

They raised her with tons of care and taught her to destroy any and all anomalies. After a long couple of years Error404 passed away and Infected was killed in battle leaving the poor girl all by herself. But then that was when she met the new Creator of the Multiverse Asthet, she asked her to help her revive her parents, but when Asthet refused because of how dangerous Sera's Parents were Sera404 made it her personal goal to make Asthet's life a living hell. So now Sera404 has taken it upon here herself to become the new Destroyer.

Relationships Edit

She may be her enemy ,but that doesn't mean they still can't be friends.
Chikara!Sans is her only other opponent.
HellishFell's someone who's just in her way.
Goth!Sans's like her little brother, she just says this because he wears a long robe too.
LoAdInG's a person of interest.
Paper Jam
Paper Jam's's like her Papyrus.