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WiggI-WiggiDy WiggIdy W-W-HAT up bRAhs!

–Radical, after being created

Radical is an accidental child of Fresh!Sans and Error.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Normal Edit

Radical looks like What if Error was infected by Fresh, He is still a white skeleton, but there are white particles surrounding him, There are blue lines under his eyes like Error. He wears Fresh's YOLO glasses, instead, the blue is Yellow and the yellow is red. Like other Sans-es, his eyes are normal.

He wears Fresh!Sans' jacket, Shoes, and hat, but they are inverted (There are some black spots on his jacket ) He wears purple shirt, and shorts same to Sans, but the white stripes are purple instead. There is still ERRORS on him, but the colors are replaced by a color of a rainbow.

Parasite Edit

Personality Edit

Radical is Neutral, he is both Good and bad

He has mostly Fresh!Sans' personality because of their freshness. He can be somewhat evil sometimes. However he has a fear of being forgotten and being alone, he is always clingy towards his parents.

Abilities Edit

He cannot destroy AUs like Error. Since he don't have strings as his ability, if he had it, it would be blue at first, and it turns purple after.

Gaster Blasters
His Standard Attack, he rarely used it since he has a bad feeling he might hurt someone while using it, he also uses it if necessary. His Gaster blasters are black, there are purple lines underneath their eyes, and their right eye glows yellow, when they Blast, the lasers are purple, their purple lines glow. They deal 4 damage.
Again, his Standard attack, the bones just like the Gaster blasters, they are black. They deal 2 damage.
Magic pockets
He has two pockets that can hold everything, he uses the left pocket for furbies and the right for things.
He has millions of them, they came in different colors. They explode in 5 seconds when used. Deals 5 damage because of explosions.
He can go to other places with a blink of an eye.
Everytime someone swears infront of him, he censored it, the white particles are covering the swear word,

Backstory Edit

In the Anti-Void, Fresh!Sans and Error started to fight each other, During the halfway through, Error was tired, he knows the way to end this. Fresh Sans was running to Error to do their final blow.

Error summons a Gaster blaster to blast Fresh sans, After, Fresh disappeared. Error thinks he won, but he suddenly turned around and Fresh hit him in the skull, his hand gets through Error's skull.

A large force started to slam them both to the ground, they see a large figure. They see a fusion of themselves, which annoys Error, he tried to murder it and finish Fresh!Sans, but Fresh protects it telling Error that its 'Un-rad to kill a child.' Error suddenly didn't kill them, Fresh was thinking a rad name until he chose to call him Radical, Error disagrees on that name, but the figure thinks that name is rad.

Relationships Edit

Fresh Sans Edit

He always cares about Fresh!Sans, since he thinks his 'very rad'. He always look up to him to see something new happening to him. Fresh takes care of Radical well, and protects him when Error was trying to kill him.

Error Sans Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He always focuses on being Fresh, making him bad at fighting but he is good at Dodging and defense.