The Prince of Fear

Bio/backstory Edit

Phobos was made by Nightmare! when he decided he needed a heir. He used negative energy from the tree of fear to create a young human, who he immediately named Phobos, after the Greek god of Fear.

Phobos is a pure black human with white hair and red eyes. He wheres a jacket similar to Underfell Sans and a pair of grey jeans.

Personality Edit

Phobos is a little punk who loves nothing more than to scare the @#$% out of anyone he meets using his powers. For that reason, he has very few friends other than his father and half-siblings. He doesn't take orders well.

Powers Edit

Nightmare Blaster- Basicaly, a really big, scary gaster blaster

Fear Shift- Phobos makes his oponent see what he is most afraid of ( E.G. Sans would see Chara killing Papyrus)


  • Phobos is stronger when there is more negative emotions around him, so he currently lives in one of the most angsty AUs in the world, Underfell

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