new!sans is the son of error and ink

backstory Edit

once error tried to destroy underswap but ink came and they fought then he was born

personality Edit

he is very grumpy unless he is around paperjam gradient inkmare etc. he can be very nice and calm and can be in deep focus

appearance Edit

he has black bones with red in one of his eyes. one of his eyes is a star the other is a circle he has a brownish jacket with blue blue pants and brownish red shoes

powers Edit

  • error bones. he can make error bones but they are weaker then normal
  • gaster blaster. normal gaster blasters
  • ink brush. he can make ink rope or ink wall with this
  • teleportation. normal telaportation

weaknesses Edit

he is not a very good fighter and messes up a lot

relationships Edit

paperjam: he is his brother and he cares about him

gradient: he is his other brother but he likes paperjam more

blue screen: is his friend although he never thought of him as a brother

ink!sans: he is his father but ink did not know about him

error!sans: error his other father he knows about him

Eclipse: tried to kidnap him once

cray: cray never met him but he watched cray

radical: he likes how he acts and the two are good friends

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