Mizuki is the youngest Daughter to Mitsuo & Aiyuuki, their only Daughter.

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She's a sweet Umbreon who maybe very loving & caring, but, she's also aggressive if you try to harm her family.

Relationships Edit

Tinsle/ Kaleidoscope- She sees Tinsle & Kaleidoscope as her Sisters, even though the girls were adopted by her Nanny, Suizuki.

DeepFreeze- Mizuki attended High School with her Husband (Her Crush at the Time), DeepGlare S. Freeze or DeepFreeze. One day when DeepFreeze was upset, she decided to go outside to comfort him & she also once asked him to be her valentine.

Ronin- She has a sour relationship with her older brother, Ronin, because he used to tease her when she was younger.

Suizuki- Suizuki is Ronin & Mizuki's nanny; Mizuki & Suizuki get along really well, when Mizuki all the way through school, she had Suizuki hold her paw, even in High School, since Mizuki was pretty cowardly at the time.

AUs involving Mizuki Edit

In LuxrayTale, She takes the role of Mettaton, the Celebrity of the Underground.

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