Messy's a sweet little boy with a Pacifier and loving trainer who cares for him very, very deeply. He's a 5 month old Jolteon with a bright smile and attitude, but, one wrong move will cause Messy to get upset. Don't even call him "Baby" unless you want to see a young Jolteon cry, but, Messy is also best not to be angered, one wrong choice depending on if you make fun of or hurt his Children, Lunar and/ or Emiliano, you will have a very angry father ready to punish you. He's well-behaved & caring for his trainer & family.

Relationships Edit

Sans Edit

Being one of the three Messy met in the underground, Messy likes Sans enough to trust him.

Alphys Edit

Watched him for Undyne because she was not dealing with Messy at all. While Mettaton wasn't active Messy would be let out of his cage to watch Mew mew Kissy Cutie with Alphys, he found it a little enjoyable, but, at the same time, very weird.

AUs involving MessyEdit

LuxrayTale MessyEdit

Puzzle Lover, Mac & Cheese Baker. Has a Pacifier.

LuxrayFell MessyEdit

Equivalent to Fell!Papyrus, He gives his brother a hard time by yelling. Doesn't have a Pacifier.

LuxraySwap MessyEdit

Basically like Carrot/ Orange Papyrus. Lazy. Has a Pacifier. Messy tells puns based on Type, so his hyper older brother, William, gets pretty annoyed when Messy has a pun in his sentence. He also tells DoomFlame Knock knock jokes through the door leading to the ruins.

LuxrayShift MessyEdit

Caretaker of the Ruins who is Shifted with Ailey, who is now Scar. Has Pacifier.

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