(Dear admins/people please remove this page because idk how to.) Mech is the aftermath of ErrorSans's Errors and InkSans's Paint colliding from a fight he is in fact a type of sans even though being created by mistake. He goes by his normal name and hates nicknames. (This character was made by ShadowFellGaming/Me xD). His parents Ink and Error both hate him because of the fact he keeps interfering with their work and the universe. He seems nothing like his parents.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Wears short sleeve shirt and a Wrench on his back along with some long pants. He seems to be solid most of the time but if angry his face will start glitching and he'll turn to ink and start melting into the floor. If he's embarrassed his face will turn into the colors of the rainbow and his eyes will turn the purple. He also wears a tool belt full of tools that he uses in his fights and just for fixing things. Wears Errors jacket sometimes when walking through AUs. He seems to change size depending on his mood so if he's angry he'll grow taller and if he's being sad he'll shrink to "LittleTale size". Has one robotic skeletal arm because of one of his arms glitching out of existence.

Personality Edit

He hates most of the Alternate versions of Sans but likes HorrorTale and UnderSwap. Innocent most of the time but has no morals except everything can be fixed and everything can be broken. Hates everything to do with glitches and creativity unless its his own. Can't look at good hearted things like UnderSwap Sans because it reminds him that he himself was is error. Denies being related to anyone. Likes other people like him like PJ/PaperJam. Hates making mistakes and loves fixing things. Tries to have his own style.

Abilities/Powers Edit

Has Red Wires instead of blue strings because of the fact him being part robot.

Has GasterBlasters that have black bone instead of white bones because of error.

Has a Wrench and a paint brush which both have a sharp point at one end which allows him to them as tools and weapons.

Ink Vials - which were a gift from InkSans so that he could at least paint things in his spare time as a distraction.

Can repaint things and can recreate some AU's by editing them with his wrench and paint brush.

He can fly any vehicle.

Can fix anything, even universes.

If ErrorSans tries to destroy a universe he will stop him from doing it to keep balance and if InkSans was making a new one he'd get rid of it.

He can travel through AU's through portals.

Has a "Berserk/Bad TIME mode".

Has bone attacks and can teleport.

Color Shift - Allows him to do any color across the "bullet box" to change the soul color.

Backstory Edit

Mech was created from the Errors of ErrorSans and the InkSans from their from their battles. He was found 1 year after that battle and was raised by ink and error until he was 5. He ran away at 5 years old and came back 9 years later through a portal as ink and error were arguing over a glitched AU. He saw his parents and ran but ink saw him and tried to talk to him but he jumped through a portal and disappeared. 19 Years later ink found him at an AU Mech had created. Ink was confused because she thought that only they could create them. The minute Ink found out so did Error and he tried to attack him because of Mech breaking the balance of the AU's. He ran again trying to save every AU he could. But eventually is found by PJ (PaperJam) and is hidden away in an AU not discovered by Ink or Error called StoryTale. (More Backstory coming soon! xD)

Relationships Edit

PaperJam - Thinks of as Brother and his Role model. Edit

Error Sans - Evil Edit

Ink Sans - Distracted Parent Edit

Fresh - Strange friend Edit

Sans - Normal friend Edit

(more to be added in future)

Gallery Edit

Put some cool Pictures of my OC here :) (Coming soon ;) ) Edit




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