Lazy Dressed Meme-ified Offspring (Or LDMO for short) is the offspring of Crazy Nude Artist Sans (CNAS) and Castellar (AskGus' OC). He was made by accident from a failed experiment, which caused CNAS' and Castellar's DNA to fuse, creating LDMO.

Personality Edit

LDMO is extremely lazy and always likes to smoke cigars, on some occasions he eats Pockys. He has been known to cause havoc in a WWE arena by RKO-ing people and shouting "JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHN CEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!".

He has been known to act hilariously stupid by shoving cigars up people's nose and shouting "GET REKT!". He uses several other memes such as Leeroy Jenkins and the Rick Roll.

Appearance Edit

LDMO usually wears a meme themed T-shirt (Mainly a blue John Cena T-shirt). He has black trousers with pockets on them along with plain white socks and light-blue slippers. On some occasions, he also wears a backwards hat.

Trivia Edit

  • LDMO is the creator of many meme AUs.
  • LDMO has taken extreme pain from his father Castellar, therefore, he's learnt to take any pain that will come to him.
  • In the beginning, he proves unworthy, but he'll toughen up... eventually...
  • LDMO's favorite song is All Star by Smash Mouth.
  • His favorite cartoon is Spongebob.
  • His favorite movie is the Bee Movie and hopes for there to be a Lazy Town movie.
  • He never uses punctuation and correct grammar, similar to Undertale Sans.
  • LDMO was killed by Dark!Sans in many timelines and part of him died inside because of this.
  • He hates meme haters and acknowledges the irony.

Gallery Edit

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