Story Edit

KaBOOM is what happens when Error tried to erase a unstable version of the Core from Undertale. The Core blew up and in the middle of the Blast creator was a baby Error skeleton. Needless to say, Error panicked. He decided to ditch KaBOOM with OuterTale Toriel, since that was one of the one AUs he liked.

Appearance Edit

KaBOOM is a short, black skeleton. He has blue eyes and wears a blue Jacket. with red pants that have a red stripe on each side.

Personality Edit

Okay, KaBOOM is NOT evil, he cares about people and doesn't like the idea of killing someone, but...


Yeah...that, KaBOOM blows stuff up and calls it art, he's not near as bad as Error though, and on several occassions has successfully sold Jerry pieces of his blown up car as quote on quote "Modern Art".

Powers Edit

Soul Bombs Edit

small, black, soul like objects fall toward the opponenet, they will explode on contact.

Relationships Edit

Error Edit


PaperJam Edit

PJ and KaBOOM have this sorta You leave me alone I'll leave you alone relationship


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