Juke Paint is a ship child created by the Tumblr user Paiinty. The creator of the ship child got permission from the creator of the base parent(base parent being Antivirus Sans from infectionstale. creator being Universe Cipher/Tvmweh) From what I have seen of Juke. He is childish and caring, though he may act different. I have gotten an interview with the creator that will happen later on. 


me: so, could you tell me more about the character, Juke?

Paiinty: yes. Juke was asexually made by ink sans, as a present for antivirus sans. And since the two couldnt take care of him they put him into a random au, where a Monster named Roszita, a dragon woman, found juke. She had taken care of him until he was 12, then he went to explore alternate universes, When he had begun exploring it was just around the au where he lived with Rozi, then he attempted teleporting somewhere to escape danger, which ended him up into the au, Shadowtale.

me: ok, so did you create this dragon monster or shadowtale?

Paiinty: no, Roszita is a character of my friend, i include what characters are more of a developed and noticable worthy picked ones, and as for shadowtale, a tumblr by the name Animeek had created that au, and i had roleplayed with the sans from that au, in which i thought this would be a wonderful way for juke to start off, so i kept it as a canon thing. and In that encounter, juke had become friends with the shadow sans, infact that is his closest friend, besides the other sanses i had created. 

me: wow. well what is juke doing nowadays? 

Paiinty: he's mainly trying to spend as much time as he can with his father, Antivirus sans. and he tries to create many things to impress his dad.

me: Will he ever get to spend time with his other father?

Paiinty: most likely not, though he doesnt know his other father anyways. Now our time is up, im going to be talking to Universe cipher.

me: about what?

Paiinty: just about how anti would react to a few things. like finding out what would happen once he finds out that Juke NEEDS glasses.

me: intersesting, well goodbye, maybe tell me how it happens.

Paiinty: alright i will hun, bye!