Jinx is the son of Underlust Sans and Swapfell Sans.

Appearance Edit

Jinx, effectively being the son of pure lust itself, has some... interesting fashion choices. He wears a purple battle body, like that of Swapfell's, but with no sides, exposing some of his ribcage, a pair of shorts that only go down about 3 inches, and a pair of purple boots, like that of Swaplust Sans'(Except a darker shade). He also has a deep purple tongue and member.

Personality Edit

He is like a combination of UL Sans and SF Sans. He is sexual, and lustful, yet he can turn things violent fast. He is extremely lustful to PJ and his children. This is unknown why, but it is known that he once wanted Chikara Sans so much, he payed him for a fuck. He also likes to spend time with PJ, since he wants so badly to be inside of Paperjam.

Abilities Edit

While he'd much rather solve things through sex than violence, he can fight, as the son of Swapfell Sans. He uses bones of the colors white, orange and blue, gasster blasters from UL sans, and even has a dagger if needed, however he rarely, if ever, fights.

Gallery Edit

(Can someone plz fill this in because I can't draw...)

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