"Your face is good. I'm a spoopeleton!"

– Inkmare

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.
Inkmare is a fusion/child of Ink!Sans and Nightmare!Sans.

Appearance Edit

Inkmare is completely black, like the original Nightmare, but he has a cut on his cheekbone that is rainbow blood. His eye is also like Nightmare's but a yellow star, and his mouth is white. He has a crown that looks similar to Nightmare's but it's a star instead of the moon and there's black stuff going over the edge. He has a beige shirt with the ends rolled up and wears a beige scarf with a bow tied in the back that's covered in black ooze. He still has the vials, but they're all in shades of black, from very dark gray to vantablack. He has a belt. The shape of the buckle is a heart, with the letters IM (for InkMare). The belt is the color of newly polished gold. His pants are long and still have a design resembling Ink's shorts, but they're black. His shoes are also black as well. He wears a paintbrush that doubles as a pencil, and has two tentacles sprouting from his back instead of four. He tip of his paintbrush is usually covered in more black ooze or blood. The black ooze is dripping everywhere.

Backstory Edit

Fusion Version Edit

Once, Ink and Nightmare were fighting. The two were the last two around. The Star Sanses and everyone else had left, even Error. The two tumbled about, punches flying and black ooze dripping everywhere. Suddenly, one of Nightmare's tentacles got doused in a special paint that spilled out of one of Ink's vials. Nightmare's tentacle was now stuck to Ink's paintbrush. Nightmare shot his arm up to take it out, but his arm got stuck in the ooze. Ink took out another vial and threw it at the tentacles. It got them even more stuck. Soon, Nightmare fully absorbed Ink. A huge cloud shot up through the darkness. Everyone went back to find a Nightmare and Ink amalgamate. It started moving towards them. They were stuck to their spot. Paralyzed in fear, they called out for help, claiming that "Th!s is the m0st unh0ly thing that has ever ex!sted!" and "That's gross!" and "Help! It's moving towards us!" until a hand slapped them. Undergoop Sans went up to it and gave it a belt. Seeing that they were incapable of doing almost everything, he put it on for them. The aalgamate absorbed it, and became more stable, until it looked like a Sans and could function properly. Undergoop Sans stuck out his hand. Inkmare shook it. There were quite a lot of characters in the backgrounds. They were all scared. Murmurs kept it from being silent. Undergoop Sans took one of Inkmare's tentacles and led it through the crowd.

Offspring Version Edit

Once, Ink and Nightmare fell in love (once, I got more hate than I did during the GaryStu Sans page!) and had a child. He was overlooked and isolated by everyone until Dark!Sans, Chikara!Sans, and Sera404 walked up to him and asked him to play with them. They wanted to destroy AUs, but later, after they were gone, he did something (that hopefully doesn't look like it as generated by a cookie cutter). He revived the AUs and let them go on peacefully. He hurried home and bumped into Ink halfway there. Ink demanded to know where he was, and why he was destroying AUs. After Inkmare told him the whole story, Ink's face looked in between the emotions happy and shocked. He led him inside and gave him some paint vials, and a cookie, but when Inkmare touched them, they turned black. Regardless, he took them anyway. He was greeted warmly by the AU creators and protectors.

Personality Edit

Either way you put it, he acts more like Ink (mostly because in the fusion version, it was kind of like split personalities- Ink being the main personality and Nightmare being the evil) and only sometimes goes into the dead seriousness and homicidal rampage that Nightmare does. He is also much more silly and flirty.

Powers Edit

His vials have different functions, and he has eight of them in total. Herevis the list of powers:



Take Away Health (-5)

Extra Gravity

Uncontrollable Laughing

Amber Alarm ringing in your ears

Falling asleep


He also has Gaster Blasters and bones (however, he can only use white bones and is not allowed to use Karmic Retribution). He can not move your soul or put it into any sort of soul mode. He also has a paintbrush, pencil, and negativity. And if you drink his blood you become high.

Weaknesses Edit

He has phobophobia and oudenophobia. If you show any signs of fear or act like you're just a statue, he will become scared. He is allergic to pollen and sawdust as well. Collect it and use it against him in battle.

Relationships Edit

Create Sans, Creator Sans, Ink Sans, CNAS, Dream Sans, Underswap Sans: When he walked into one of their meetings, they became good friends. He was greeted by handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, and questions.

Error Sans, Destroyer Sans, VGAS, Error404, Killer Sans, Horror Sans: They lured him into a dark alleyway one day. The results were not pleasing. By that I mean that Inkmare doused them with the paint from the vials and made a run for it.

Sera404, Chikara!Sans, Dark!Sans: The four are very good friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Inkmare was named after the ship name
  • Inkmare is bisexual, but he often fakes being straight to get lust to go away.
  • Inkmare desperately wants a girlfriend (or boyfriend). He has his eyes on Comic, Asylumtale Sans, Melon Sans, Trainertale Sans, and Undertail Sans.
  • Inkmare's favorite color is faded black.
  • Inkmare has rainbow colored blood. This is probably a result from being Ink and Nightmare's lovechild (or fusion).
  • Inkmare is a real thing. I looked it up. Not the child itself, but the ship is.
  • His favorite food is Ink's cookies.
  • Inkmare's favorite drink is Moutain Dew.
  • Inkmare's favorite AU is Alphatale.
  • Inkmare wants to become friends with Revivetale!Sans because they both like reviving AUs.
  • Inkmare''s favorite animal is the giraffe.