Helvetica, or Helve, is the daughter of Underfell Papyrus and Underswap Sans. She is a skeleton, like her parents. 

Personality Edit

She is slightly sassy but usually very kind. She may not look like it, but she is very gentle. She will hug random people when they look upset because Swap!Sans "taught" her to. 


Her full appearance wasn't decided yet, sadly.


Underfell PapyrusEdit

She used to always ask him where she came from, but Fell doesn't tell her. But its not because the reason others usually don't tell, he just doesn't really know either, funny right?

Underswap SansEdit

Swap has "taught" her how to randomly hug people and has taught her a few good puns(and by a few I mean alot), and always read her stories when she was little, despite Fell saying it was "unnecessary".


  • She is named after the font Helvetica, it is one of the most popular fonts in the world and is used very often. 
  • It is unknown what kind of allergies and illnesses she may have.

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