I'll never let my guard down, never let up and i will never let you commit Genocide.


HellishFell is the Child of UnderFell!Sans and UnderHell!Sans

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

HellishFell, unlike his father, has a green eye and some green lines underneath his eyes as well.He doesn't wear nor have a golden tooth. he like his father wears a furry jacket,but unlike his dad, the fur on his is gray and he wears a black sweater. He also wears shorts with a white stripe instead of a yellow one. He also wears sneakers like his dad.

Personality Edit

HellishFell is a lot more edgier than his father UF!Sans and he has a bad habit of never using his regular eyes,even though he has only one. He doesn't like talking with other offspring's and likes the taste of Fruit and apple cider.He has a personal vendetta against PaperJam and yet somehow still hangs around.He curses a lot more than his father UF!Sans,but also likes to sleep and fight as less like his other father UH!Sans.He will only fight when he gets mad which is all the time.He has a short fuse so its easy to anger him. He enjoys telling jokes,but instead his jokes are more insulting than funny.Likes to Play the Electric Guitar.

Abilities Edit

LV Edit

Since his father is UH!Sans this means that his fathers Lv gets passed down to him plus some from UF!Sans

Fist Edit

It is how it sounds. HellishFell uses his fist to fight instead of his bones and gaster blasters, he does this to relax himself and save up magic.

Bone Marrow Edit

This attack lets HellishFell be able to see your weak spots and target them doing critical damage.

Backstory Edit

One day in Snowdin UnderFell and UnderHell Sans were having a disagreement like always, when suddenly the alarm goes off and that's when it hits them, Genocide Route that's when UH!Sans and UF!Sans run to the judgement hall, that's when they see the kid standing at the other end of the hall with a knife covered in dust. UnderFell!Sans fueled with rage goes towards the kid head on, UnderHell however was calm and collected and knew what exactly to do. UnderFell and the kid fought and fought until UnderFell made a misstep and slipped, giving the kid a chance to strike they went for it,but then the kid was killed by a giant bone from the floor. UnderFell waited for the kid to come back.......but they didn't? he turned around and saw UnderHell looking at the Determination Star, then he walked over to it and used it to save. UnderFell's eyes filled with shock and a slight of fear, he had figured out why the kid couldn't come back it was because UnderHell Sans was the most determined monster down in the Underground. UnderFell walked to UnderHell and thanked him, He then asked "Are you going to be leaving soon?" UnderHell continued to stare at UF!Sans and then made a discussion that would change his life forever. And that's how HellishFell was born.

Conversations with other offsprings Edit

  • PaperJam: Hello Everyone!
  • Goth!Sans:Hi PaperJam
  • Chikara!Sans: Hi
  • Blue Screen: {Error Noises} Hi
  • HellishFell: *Ignores*
  • PaperJam: Hi HellishFell!
  • HellishFell:I *Ignores*
  • Goth!Sans:...
  • Chikara!Sans:....
  • Blue Screen: {Freezes}
  • PaperJam: *yells* HELLO HELLISHFELL!!!
  • HellishFell: WHAT!
  • PaperJam:.....Sorry jeez, i was just wondering if you wanted to know if you would like to visit OuterTale with me?
  • HellishFell: Hmm let me think....NO!
  • PaperJam:awww

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