This is what royalty looks like.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Heir!Sans wears a wight jacket, even though he prefers a black leather jacket. Next, he wears regular black Shorts with some nice kicks.When he removes his Jacket His DT marking can be shown. These come from the fact that his father (GzTale!Sans) took DT a lot when he was a kid, So it's having some effects on His son as well. His Eyes shine a bright Orange and so does his markings.

Personality Edit

Heir!Sans acts like a hardass and likes to think that he's always right and knows what he's doing. He doesn't act like a prince nor a proper gentleman. He has a bad habit of picking fights which is why his LV is so High. He is know has a trouble Maker. He Doesn't like to talk with Females as much as he does guys, because he's shy around girls.

Abilities Edit

Skull Crusher Edit

With this attack Heir!Sans summons his mighty Gaster Sword and uses this to smite he's opponent.

LV Blaster Edit

These Blasters shoot out pure concentrated Determination.

Backstory Edit

King!Sans was being attacked by a rogue Sans, when suddenly GzTale!Sans comes out of nowhere and Beast them up, in celebration for his bravery, They held a party, During the party King!Sans and GzTale!Sans grew close between each other and eventually hit it off.