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Gradient Edit

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=== Nicknames ===


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Biographical information Edit

=== Age ===


=== Place of birth ===

Omega Timeline (created there)

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Physical description Edit

=== Species ===

Combo (Glitch Skeleton)

=== Gender ===


</section></aside>Gradient is a 14 years old Combo created by Gaster in the Omega Timeline. He lives in a house together with a bunch of other Combos.

He is a DNA Experiment of Error!Sans and Ink!Sans.

Relationships Edit

He shares a room with the Swap!Sans and Fell!Sans Combo Flip and has an own work place in the art room he shares with the other Ink Combos.

His closest friends are the Reaper!Sans and Geno Combo Serif and the Fell!Sans and Outer!Sans Combo Karma.

He was the Inspiration for the Swap!Sans and Ink!Sans Combo Splatter to start with drawing.

Hobbies Edit

He likes to read and making Comics, he is an digital Artist but since he's a perfectionist he never thinks that his art is good enough, and often deletes his artwork (using control + z).

He spends a lot of time in the art room.

Personality Edit

Gradient is a Combo that's very shy and wary to strangers. Once he gets close to you he can be rather snarky and sarcastic.

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