Goth is the child of Geno & Reaper!Sans.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Goth is a skeleton with a white hooded cloak and white glitchy particles around him. He is shorter than the average classic sans

Personality Edit

Goth’s a pretty flexible kind of guy. Sometimes he’s chill & quiet, sometimes he’s dramatic & childish (with the people he knows)- But most of the time he’s a lil’ shit.

He does offensive jokes. While Death / Reaper is more into dark humor, Goth’s topic is more on the everyday lives, like laughing at people’s misery & such.. Yea, get him away from those who’s super sensitive.. ..Or not?

But despite that he doesn’t always open up about his actual feelings.. Apple doesn’t fall far from its tree kind of thing.. Nekophy also stated that he is physically 10 and mentally 20, something like that...

Oh.. And like all sanses.. He ADORES stars ✨[1]

Trivia Edit

  • He was made by Nekophy.[2]
  • Goth often floats to cover up his shortness.[2]
  • He’s short because he has Geno’s ‘DNA’(Geno lost more than half of his bones due dusting if you remember ;v;)[3]
  • originally Nekophy was going to use ‘Afterdeath’ as his name like 7′s did for PJ, but eh.. nekophy can’t just miss the OPPORTUNITY.[4]


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