"Do you wanna have a BRUH time ,BRUH!!!!!!"Edit

Epic!Sans is the Character in Epic!TaleEdit

Profile Edit Edit

Personality Edit Edit

Epic sans is just an ordinary sans, but that all change when he fused with gaster.Thats how he got his scar, Gaster and Sans have different personalities of course .90% Sans and 10% Gaster .Due to Yugo, she said Epic's powers are from Gaster And none from Sans.Epic Sans isnt the kind of person who easily forgives, mostly when its betrayal.

Appearance EditEdit

Epic!Sans wears a Purple jacket that was made to have one side larger than the other which would be the left side of his jacket. He wears black gloves that allow his fingers to show.He also wears a pair of boots along with some very nice short.

Abilities EditEdit

Epic Blasters, Giant Bones , Superior Telekinesis , Soul Control , Super Epic Blasters , Elemental Void Sword , Void Blasters , Soul Blasters , Rage Epic Blasters

A Backstory EditEdit

His first word he is "BRUH". He Fused with Gaster like his Personality. He work in Royal Scientist and Training his Power.

Trivia EditEdit

  • Epic!Sans is good friends with Cross!Sans. Friendship goals tho
  • Epic!Sans Love to Eat Cookies
  • Epic!Sans Like to Spamming "BRUH !!!"