Emiliano Freeze is Messy & Tinsle’s 1st born son, who is attached to his PJs that his Aunt Mizuki made for him & always wants to wear it. He went through Premature Evolution & became ½ Espeon; it hurt while he went through it, but, when his pain ended; he loved his new appearance as an Espeon. He has the Brand of the Exalt on his forehead instead of an Espeon’s Gem. He’s attached to his Father, Messy. His Diaper Matches his Onesie. It has a Baby Block on it, so it says “Baby” on it.

About Emiliano’s Brand

Emiliano in his diaper

The Mark on Emile’s head is the Brand carried by Ylissean Royals, Chrom, Lissa, Lucina, Owain, Morgan & Emmeryn; The ones who carry the Brand are known as “The Exalted” & bring peace to the Halidom. But, who in Emile’s Family has the Mark is currently unknown; one thing for certain is that they AREN’T from the world of Pokémon, his Grampa Freeze is curious of how he has this Mark on his head, even though it is currently unknown, he thinks Messy passed it down, but, no evidence shows that he OR Mizuki passed it down to Messy.

Diapered Art by MapleBranchWing on Deviantart.

Art by PKNerd:

Chibi & Family Art by TehShinySylveon.