" -Aggressive screeching gurgles- "
Dread is the soul fusion between HELP_tale and Underworld Sans.

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Appearance Edit

Dread us a spherical shape, similar to Sanstrocity, but there are no eyes or faces on the white area, and in each "corner" there is a pair of shorts with one leg. The foot on each is more similar to UW Sans. The arms and hands are similar to UW Sans, but no sleeves as there is no jacket. Inside the black part of the main body there is a head, with a main shape representing Sanstrocity, and a jaw and features of UW Sans. There is a orange and blue eye, being Sanstrocity's eye, with UW Sans' eye colors. There is another 4 jawbones representing the smiles in the black of Sanstrocity and the jaws of UW Sans. There are also 2 fires, one blue and one orange.

Personality Edit

Dread's personality is a mystery. It can barely speak let alone think.

Abilities Edit

  • Bones, he has bone attacks similar to most skeletons.
  • Temporary levitation, it can temporary levitate at will, but only lasts for a few seconds
  • Nightmares, It can just give people nightmares by his looks.
  • Incredible arm strength, it has incredible arm strength, mainly used to move,
  • Error!Sans support, out of pity, Error!Sans supports Dread
    • This includes: Error's strings and timeline jumping.

Backstory Edit

Error!Sans was messing around one day, and took Underworld and Helptale Sans, they immediately became confused and looked around. They only saw a white void and each other. Error continued messing around with them. He used his wires and kept slamming them together, harming them. Soon they were both almost dead, Error thinking they had more HP, he slammed them together one more time. The two had died, then their souls escaped their bodies. However, they were very close together, and as a result the two fused. This then resulted in Dread. Error being very disturbed and confused opened a rift into a random universe and they crawled into said rift.

Relationships Edit

Error!Sans Edit

Error tortured the two halves of Dread, and also fused the two souls together accidentally.

Sanstrocity Edit

Sanstrocity is one of the two halves that formed Dread

Underworld Sans Edit

Underworld Sans is one of the two halves that formed Dread

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Dread sprite





Trivia Edit

  • Originally this character had sleeves on the arm, but was removed as this made no sense.
  • Originally Dread's floating eye was 1 pixel blue, then orange in that pattern.
  • This character was originally going to be Cross and Nightmare, then changed to Horror and UW, then finally Sanstrocity and UW.
    • Because he is part Sanstrocity, it is considered an "IT" from HELP_Tale.