This Houndoom Tactician is skilled in Magic & Pokémon battles; He wears Diapers because of a harsh childhood. When he reunited with Ailey, he became her adopted son. Even if he knows he’s not a Baby anymore, he loves being treated like a baby. His PJs look like an Espeon.

DoomFlame was forced by his original Father (he was a Houndoom) to train for war, but, no toilet breaks, instead Diapers were DoomFlame's only way to go to the bathroom, if he needed to go at all. When he was given a break, he would've already gone to the bathroom in his Diaper. Ailey was, at the time, his Diaper Changer, who later when he reunited with her in Chiyeko Kingdom, became his mother by adoption.

AU relation-

DoomFlame takes the Place of Asgore in LuxrayTale, LuxrayFell, LuxrayShift (as the Royal Scientist) & LuxraySwap (as the Guard Dog.)

Diapered Art by Loonaree

Ready to fight by PKNerd

In PJs & with Mommy Ailey by TehShinySylveon

Wedding Attire by MeMiMouse.

Ref Art by Ravieel

Art of him being fed by LollotheVaporeon.

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