Origin Edit

Doc, or Time anomaly 2471, is a clone of the late Dr. W.D. Gaster created by Broken!Science, who is his father figure. While Doc has nearly unlimited time manipulation power, he cannot age or mature past 6.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Doc wears a oversized lab coat over a pair of shorts and a green button up shirt. He also wears a red fez and a pair of old 3-D glasses, for some reason... his right eye is also shaped like a hourglass, possibly a reference to his time powers.

Doc is...well he's a naive six year old with the powers and intelligence of Gaster, which makes him really smart and REALLY gullible. He is genuinely a sweet kid.

Powers Edit

Gaster Blasters

Time Manipulation- He can control time so well that not even a Sans will notice when he does. He usually use this power to correct mistakes, and also it means he makes a GREAT first impression, because it's almost never the first time he does it. He can, and will, use his time powers to fix AUs that have been destroyed.


Relationships Edit

Broken!Science: While Doc looks up to his super smart father, he tends to distance himself from Doc. Doc just reminds Broken! that he failed to bring back his father.

Asthet: Doc knows she exists and hopes to one day meet his half sister.

Trivia Edit

His 3D glasses and Fez may be a doctor who reference