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Cooper Black is the son of Sans and a female skeleton only ever refered to as Bell. Apparently, shortly after Cooper's birth, Bell died. Cooper is a cheerful young skeleton and a novice with Puns. He is also suprisingly smart for someone his age. Ever since the accident his father doesn't let anything other than watch TV, which is how he's become obsessed with certain Anime (One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, ETC,)

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Cooper wears a black turtleneck and grey jeans. Sadly, a accident from early on left Cooper without any leg below his knees and confined to a wheelchair, something he gets a lot of grief about from Mettaton.

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Sans Edit

Ever since the "accident" Sans has been a bit...protective of his son. While this annoys Cooper to pieces, he still has a fairly healthy relationship with his dad.

Toriel Edit

Toriel and Sans got married when Cooper was seven. Cooper has a fairly good relationship with his stepmother.

Frisk Edit

Frisk is essentially the older sister Cooper never had and he is more than happy that they are step siblings. Jury's still out on what Frisk thinks.

Papyrus Edit

Cooper loves his "Uncle Paps". In fact one of his favorite pastimes is to annoy Papyrus to death with his novice puns.

Impact Edit

Impact often treats Cooper as his Sans, something that Cooper is perfectly okay with.

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Gaster Blaster Edit

I assume you know what a Gaster Blaster is.

Novice Pun Edit

More a Physcological warfare than a actual attack, Cooper will annoy his opponents with terrible, and in most case repetitive, Puns.

Bone Attacks:Vary in Size and Technique Edit

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Wattpad Story

Trivia Edit

  • Bell, Cooper's real mother, died from bone cancer.
  • Cooper lost his legs in a skateboarding accident
  • Cooper is responsible for Alphys and Undyne finding out about "My hero Acadamia" and becoming obsessed with it
  • Cooper and Undyne once got into a 3 day long debate over whether All-might would beat Saitama in a fight.