Do you wanna have a Helluva Time Bruh?


Chikara!Sans is the offspring of Epic!Sans and UnderHell Sans.

Profile Edit

Personality Edit

Chikara!Sans is a very....somewhat good kid, he's done some good and bad. He has a bad habit of lying, he acts a lot like his dad UnderHell and talks more like his other dad Epic!Sans. He doesn't like to say bruh, but he will if he's trying to prove a point and he also will say it uncontrollably. He normally changes his clothes, but not often.

Appearance Edit

Chikara!Sans wears a Black jacket that was made to have one side larger than the other which would be the left side of his jacket, his jacket also appears to be on fire from certain spots of his jacket, in this case, his shoulders and head. He wears black gloves that allow his fingers to show.He also wears a pair of boots along with some very nice short, that have a pair of gaster teeth attached.

Abilities Edit

Determination Edit

Being a child of UnderHell that means some of the LV or in fact, all of his LV was passed down to Chikara!Sans.

Mega/Planet Blaster Edit

Even though their name means destruction, these gaster blasters are a basic size as any other. they fire out pure concentrated determination.


Purple and Red Bones Edit

These types of bones have their own effects

Red Bones: Gives the opponent extra amounts of determination, this is bad for monster since monster aren't meant to hold determination.


Purple Bones: These bones do Extra amounts of damage and also will hold you in place cause you to be fired by gaster blaster.


Backstory/How he was Born Edit

Epic!Sans was fighting his Chara in EpicTale. On verge of death, he fired one last gaster blaster. This gaster blaster was so strong that it opened up a rift in the void, this void allowed for the other void rift in Underhell to activate. This allowed Underhell to travel to EpicTale, there he saw Epic!Sans bout to be killed, UnderHell Sans fired a gaster blaster and killed Chara. She couldn't come back to life since now that Underhell was in EpicTale he was the most determined person there. Now with EpicTale at peace, everyone had no longer a need to fight. UnderHell uses Chara's soul to break the barrier and everyone is freed. Before UHSans could leave Epic!Sans wanted to get to know him better, so for the past couple of days UHSans and Epic!Sans hung out and got to know each other. But one day UnderHell came to Epic!Sans and asked him if he felt like taking their relationship to the next level. And this was how Chikara!Sans was born.

Trivia Edit

  • Chikara!Sans is good friends with Paperjam and Goth!Sans.
  • Chikara!Sans, Paper Jam, and Goth!Sans are the most powerful offspring to ever be born.
  • Chikara!Sans has read the whole series of Under(Her)Tail. He regrets nothing.
  • Chikara!Sans loves to watch horror movies and also has some beef with fresh.
  • Chikara!Sans loves eating burritos and drinking Fanta.

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