Origins Edit

Caramel Skeleman is a child of Sans and Frisk.

It had been years after the barrier had broken. Sans and Frisk had been married for a year. They lived in a small blue house, and they lived by all of their friends. Papyrus and Mettaton lived in the house next to them. They also lived with their 10 year old son, Impact. Toriel, Asgore, and Asriel (Frisk gave him half of her soul) lived in the house across from them. Alphys and Undyne lived in the house next to the Dreemur family's, with a one year old daughter, named Mew Mew. The whole gang was over at Frisk and Sans's house for Frisk's baby shower. She complained of a headache, and went up to her room. Toriel went upstairs to give her a cup of tea; what she found was Frisk about to give birth. She called everyone up; Sans held Frisk's hand, and Alphys helped Frisk give birth. The baby was a little girl, and the gang went crazy. Papyrus ran around screaming, Mettaton took pictures, Asgore and Toriel brought Frisk gallons of tea, Asriel cried tears of joy, Undyne and Alphys talked about buying her cute clothes, and Sans passed out. When he came to, he picked up the little girl.

"Her last name will be Skeleman. Wait, that's too stupid." Sans said. But Frisk just grinned.

"It's the only last name she deserves." she whispered. "And her first name will be Caramel".

Sans: "Why?"

Frisk: "After...after..." Her eyes flashed with bad memories.

Sans, his eyes sockets blacked out: "Chara."

All movement in the room stopped. Asgore's face darkened, and tears poured out of Asriel's and Toriel's eyes. But they all said the same thing, their smiles full of good and bad memories:

"It's perfect."

Childhood Edit

Caramel had a very interesting childhood, which was filled with monsters and humans. Sans and Undyne were very protective of her. Frisk, Asgore and Toriel showered her with love. Papyrus and Mettaton showered her with gifts, and Alphys and Asriel tried very hard to teach her life lessons.