Calisto is the offspring of Undertale Sans ans Undertale Alphys and only ever comes into contact with the Undertale Cast

Appearance Edit

Calisto is a skeleton-lizard hybrid and so is rather simple in design. She wears a green hoodie(Green is mix of Yellow-Alphys- and blue-Sans.) with a white lab coat underneath, with green sneakers. She also uses a range of makeup, such as lipstick and eyeliner. She is rather casual and careless, however Papyrus demanded weekly visits to prevent her from becoming too lazy. However, Papyrus' method failed.

Personality Edit

Calisto is, again, rather lazy and would much rather go back to bed. She often finds herself helping Alphys and Sans in the true lab and around the house. She often uses attack patterns to express herself, e.g if she is happy her attacks will be faster, if sad they are slower etc..

Abilities Edit

While she could help herself to Alphys' and Sans' full set of abilities, she rather chose two attacks and one custom attack. The chosen attacks are:

  1. Gaster blasters of all range
  2. All heart modes
  3. Purple attacks-these change the opponent's soul mode to one random soul mode.

Having a smaller arsenal meant she often had to carry less, however she had more Alphys level stats (ATK 25 and DEF 30) and had also been taught how to dodge fast enough by Sans, so she had a huge range of abilities ready for any battle.

Trivia Edit

She likes soda, however Alphys dislikes her habits of tons of soda as it's "Not the stuff of science"

She also likes blueberries

She has feelings for Cambria

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