Calibri is the son of Underswap Papyrus and Underswap Hapstablook.

Appearance Edit

Calibri wears a grey top with a yellow and purple hoodie overlapping it. This yellow and purple hoodie has an image of a kitten's skull. Below the hoodie, he wears blue leather trousers along with dark blue slippers. he has black hair tied up in a pony tale covering his left eye. Along with this, he has black hand covers for a unconventional secret he's keeping well... secret. he also smokes, as shown in the picture

Personality Edit

Calibri is usually laid-back and calm not doing much with the general space around him. he can't be bothered to capture a human as the most important thing to him is keeping his Underfell counterpart, Trajan, and Undertale counterpart, Impact, safe. he has been known to snap at Trajan for harsh mistreatment he gives Calibri. When bored, Calibri will go on smoke break as that's one of his favorite hobbies.

Abilities Edit Edit


Smoke Flash Edit

This gives Calibri the ability of making the screen go grey and making objects come but without the human being able to see. This technically blinds the human.

Half SOUL Edit

Calibri has the ability to cut your SOUL in half, This will not kill you but make you slower in battle.

Font Morpher Edit

Calibri can morph into any other font OC he has known and/or has seen. This involves characters like Times New Roman ( Not the CNAS-tale one ), Trajan, Sans, Papyrus, Arial and W.D.Gaster.