Buster appears in DerpyBlueberrySans' Undertale AU, MentalTale.


He's DeepFreeze & Mizuki's youngest son who loves his Fire Type Matchup Diapers & his Shirts. He's a happy little Flareon who is only 1 month old right now. He always runs to his Master to hug on. He was born as a Flareon & will proudly represent his Mommy & Daddy like a good Baby Flareon. He was born w/o the fur that is normally on a Flareon's head. How he evolved from birth is unknown, but, no one, not even his Master asks why he was born as a Flareon, maybe it was because his father was born with the ability, that Flareon have by Default: Flash Fire. He has a short sleeved and long sleeved shirt as well as his signature Fire Type Matchup Diapers. He has a large Family.

When not inside the MentalTale Universe, he's with his family or visiting Paper Jam.

Friendships Edit


Buster Freeze recently met with Lua and the two of them get along great. They have become best friends, They both like Candy, however, if Buster eats too much at once, he will throw up. Though Buster DOES wear Diapers, Lua doesn't seem to care since they are friends.

Paper JamEdit

Buster likes to visit PJ something & invite him to the Orlan Region, AKA The Eevee Kingdom. He also offers a few diapers to PJ when he wants to have PJ over for the night. He gets along well with PJ. He notices that PJ is very calm around Pokemon since he's not used to anyone being really nice to him.

Conversation with PJEdit

  • Buster: Hey, PJ, what's up?
  • PJ: Just trying balance the universe out?
  • Buster: Why? I thought it WAS balanced.
  • PJ: You don't get it. Error is my "Father", he tracks down glitches & anomalies that appear as "unwanted bleeps on the radar", Alternative Universes & Alternative Timelines- They have meanings.
  • Buster: Alternative Universes? Alternative Timelines?
  • PJ: Correct. My Fathers are polar opposites. Error hates all glitches & anomalies; believing that there's only the original universe. Ink, my other father, is from the Inkverse. He creates AUs & ATs; known as "The Protector of AUs".
  • Buster: Say, wanna come to my world?
  • PJ: Know what? Sure, Padded Pup. I'll come.
  • Buster: My name Buser!
  • PJ: I know.
  • Buster: OK. Wan a Diapie?
  • PJ: Sure. We are friends. This won't be all the time.
  • Buster: OK!

Art Credit/ TriviaEdit

  • Buster's Family is the Largest having 18 Family members; even two non-Species related family Members: Snow Fang, a Stellarine & Cookie.

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