Brisk is the child of Betty and Frisk from Glitchtale.

History Edit

After the fights in the canyon and the city, the particles of FEAR and DETERMINATION combined to form Brisk.

She hasn’t actually met Frisk or Betty, but she has heard of their reputations. She does her best to live up to them.

Personality Edit

She is a major introvert. She hasn’t been exposed to many people, so any insult would make her cry.

She tries her best to live up to both Frisk and Betty’s reputations.

Appearance Edit

Brisk is a short girl with pink hair on the top, fading to red going down. She wears a dark pink sweater, brown pants, and black shoes. Her left eye is pink and her right eye is red.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Spear of Fear
  • Sword of Determination
  • Shield of Determination
  • Necrophobia
  • Rhabdophobia
  • Teleportation
  • Enhanced Speed

Weaknesses Edit

  • She is alone most of the time, so she doesn’t really expect anyone to approach her. She can be easily ambushed.

Relationships Edit

Betty Edit

Her mother. The FEAR particles from Betty in the air after Frisk and Betty’s battles helped create Brisk.

Frisk Edit

Her father. The DETERMINATION particles from Frisk in the air after Frisk and Betty’s battles helped create Brisk

Trivia Edit

  • Her SOUL is like Amber Lightvale’s; it is two colors: Pink and Red.