Bauhaus is the offspring of Underswap Sans and Underswap Alphys. She is the underswap version of Calisto and only ever comes into conatact with the underswap cast members.

Apperance Edit

Bauhaus is a skeleton-lizard hybrid with her mother's strength and her father's enthusiasm. She wears a white battle body with a green cape(Green is the result of mixing Alphys' yellow and Sans' blue), green boots and green gloves. When she joins Swap!Alphys in a serious battle, she uses a suit of golden armour.

Personality Edit

Bauhaus is a rather enthusiastic and overreacting young girl; she got these traits from her father, however, Alphys taught her how to keep cool under pressure. Like her father, she despises bad puns, however she enjoys completing word searches and junior jumbles with Swap!Papyrus, so she doesn't have it all bad with her uncle. She also enjoys striking a pun every now and again just to tease her father. She also loves to help Swap!Undyne with her research and often teases Undyne since she is "An easy target". Her mother taught her the techniques she uses on Undyne.

Weapons Edit

While she has many bones, bolts, blasters and soul modes at her disposal, her main weapons are the yellow shield soul mode, bones her father lent her and a special lance technique that Swap!Toriel taught her with the trident.

Trivia Edit

Bauhaus is named after the absurd font with the same name.

Her favourite drink is milkshake, however Alphys doesn't like her drinking it as it's "Not a warrior's drink"

She also loves rasberries

She has a fancy for Calibri

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