Ello! I'm Asthet! What's your name?


Asthet is the daughter of Broken!Science and a female Ink!Sans. The Ink!Sans being female is due to a separate Multiverse. She is non-canon to Broken's story-line, however, due to the creator wanting Broken!Science to be canonically single for the time being. As being the daughter of Broken and Ink!Sans, she plays the two roles of Creator and Protector in the Multiverse.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Asthet appears as a skeleton wearing khaki shorts, a brown, tan-sleeved shirt, a shortened lab coat with a pocket on the top right, a sash with vials hanging onto it containing different colors, brown, yellow-tinted and black shoes, with a light brown scarf. She has a rainbow mark of ink on her left cheek as well. Asthet's left eye can change shape as well, as her parents can as well depending on emotion(for example, her eye would change shape if she was angry, into an X). She carries a small painter's brush as well.

Personality Edit

Asthet is normally kind and has the intention of remaining completely neutral or friends with everyone. However, if someone shows hostility to either her, her parents or her friends, she will turn on that person. Overall, she is intentionally kind.

Abilities Edit

Asthet has the abilities of both Ink and Broken, yet with a few custom abilities.

  • Gaster Hands (Types and abilities can vary.)
  • Gaster Blasters (Type, shape and size can vary.)
  • Bone Attacks (Type, shape and size varies)
  • A Paintbrush (Mainly used for painting; yet can be used for constructing protective barriers.)
  • AU Jump (Being able to move across AUs.)
  • Code Changing (Ability to change, erase, or alter the code of an AU or singular person.)
  • The "Lab Coat" Dimension (An area that belongs to Broken that anyone who is given access to it can enter[Probably more detail on the Undertale AU Wiki].)
  • "Special" Attack (The use of throwing one of the pain canisters she holds at an opponent; usually to annoy them.)
  • Real Special Attack (A protective barrier that Asthet can see through with two giant Ultra!Blasters and four Gaster Hands {Usually two red and two blue} and beside it; capable of attacking the enemy and changing the physics of their surroundings [Mainly the opponent, by doing things that Glitchtale Gaster's hands can do] to easily defeat an opponent.)

Relationships Edit

Broken!Science Edit

Her father figure in the Multiverse. She thinks highly of Broken as well as she does for her mother.

Ink!Sans Edit

Her mother figure in the Multiverse. She thinks highly of her even though Ink is protective of her.

Sera404 Edit

Asthet views Sera404 as a friend she can't enjoy as the two are destined to be on opposite sides. Though that doesn't stop either staying friends at the end of the day.

Trivia Edit

You are free to add cannon or non-cannon trivia here.

She may have a noncanon (as of now) half brother named Doc.

Gallery Edit

You are free to add fanart here.

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