We were never meant to exist!


Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

0's Face is half black and he has blue and black tears going down his face. His teeth go in a pattern, from red and white.His fingers are Red and his palm is black and blue. His jacket is White and Blue. He wears a gray turtleneck. and a Pair of Shorts along with shoes.

Personality Edit

0 is Shy and rude, he likes to show off his powers and has no morals. He acts based off of how he feels. He hates all Aus except Outer Tale.

Abilities Edit

Gaster Blasters
Standard Attack
Bone Attack
Standard Attack
This attack causes the Opponents soul to disappear entirely and not return until at least a full 4 mins have passed.
He can use the classic strings, Only this time they can detach from his body and attack by command.

Backstory Edit

This Sans was made when Error decided he had Enough of Error!Sans, but when he attempted to Kill him. Just touching him destroyed the Entire Multiverse, but lucky it was all rehabilitated and brought back to normal. Error404 & Error!Sans had accidentally Fused into one being. No longer knowing what to do and no memory of what happened recently.

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