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• 4/1/2017

Giving rights and powers to users in UTAUOSWIKI

Okay everybody who helps us improve the UTAUOSWIKI <READ THIS> mostly for those new editors (I dunno how to highlight),

The user rights like admin is given depending on their edits and how many articles they have made for the wiki and here is the list:

Chat Moderator (CM / Chat Mod) - Should have 300 edits and 10 - 15 articles made for the wiki.

Discussions Moderator (DM / Discuss Mod) - Should have 530 edits (you are lucky if you we're given Content Mod along this) and 15 - 20 articles made for the wiki.

Content Moderator (CM / Content Mod) - Should have 700 edits (you are lucky if you were given Discuss Mod along with this) and made 30 - 35 articles for the wiki.

Administrator (Admin) - should have 860 edits and made 40 - 45 articles for the wiki.

Bureaucrat - should have 950 edits and made 55 articles for the wiki.

Thank you for your time reading this ~ !!!

If you have questions and suggestions about it comment it down ~ !!!
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• 12/19/2017
Ok how do I start this
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